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Brother X

Hello there 🤗, how is your day going? Let me quickly entertain you with an experience that I just remembered. Few years ago, I met a brother in church, we’d call him Brother X. Gradually we started becoming friends, he was my leader in church and I was a devoted member. We would have small …

Tales from a place called “Amoso Edda” — Imelda’s Stories

Hey there! Good evening. I’ve missed you, I hope March is going smoothly, mine is keeping me very busy in the market. I am sharing this post because I featured in the story, I am the friend, the writer is very dear to me and this post means a lot. kindly see my village and a glimpse of my mum’s burial ceremony through Imelda’s eyes.

I wrote previously of a friend who lost her mother I wrote of her strength and how I desired to tap from it. This is an extension of that story. On the 21st of November 2019, I woke up to a happy-sad feeling😐. I was going to Aba; a popular town in Abia state, Nigeria […]

via Tales from a place called “Amoso Edda” — Imelda’s Stories