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Tales from a place called “Amoso Edda” — Imelda’s Stories

Hey there! Good evening. I’ve missed you, I hope March is going smoothly, mine is keeping me very busy in the market. I am sharing this post because I featured in the story, I am the friend, the writer is very dear to me and this post means a lot. kindly see my village and a glimpse of my mum’s burial ceremony through Imelda’s eyes.

I wrote previously of a friend who lost her mother I wrote of her strength and how I desired to tap from it. This is an extension of that story. On the 21st of November 2019, I woke up to a happy-sad feeling😐. I was going to Aba; a popular town in Abia state, Nigeria […]

via Tales from a place called “Amoso Edda” — Imelda’s Stories

Don’t be Profane: Value Spiritual Things

Good day and happy Sunday to you. Before I proceed on today’s nugget, I want to say ‘Happy International Women’s Day’ to all my female readers, you are loved. To be profane means to treat (a holy place or object) with great disrespect and nonchalance. Growing up I felt bad whenever I read the Esau …

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