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Every written content needs help from not just a second pair of eyes; but a good editor. Even a well-written manuscript benefits from the refining that comes with editing and proofreading. At Aglow Editorials, we provide top notch editorial services for you and your brand.

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How We Make Your Content Glow

We have developed a suite of services to help you refine your written content and make it glow, so that your communication will become clearer.

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We are not just another editorial services agency. Irrespective of the stage you are in your writing journey, we deliver specific editorials solution for any of our editorial services you need per time.


I check for technical, stylistic, and factual inconsistencies to ensure that your documents meet good writing conventions. I see to it that your story or content is consistent, cohesive, and complete for publication.


I review written content (articles, blog posts, books, speeches etc.) to correct errors in spelling, punctuation, word use, consistency in formatting, and typography; ensuring zero grammatical errors before publication.


Whether you are a busy professional that hardly has the time to write, or you have a large volumes of audio or video files from your sermons, seminars or virtual meetings you want transcribed to text, I have your back.

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Our Service Delivery Process

To ensure timely delivery of your work at the highest level of excellence possible, we have designed a standard operating procedure

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Customers Reviews

Hello Aglow Editorials, We've received our document. You did a great job with the data entry and your delivery was timely. Thank you.
Umebe Farms
Thank you Aglow Editorials for your thorough and well detailed attention in your services. I will definitely engage your services again and share your excellent delivery.
Raymond Okpani
Nicosia Cyprus
Amara, I have received the article you sent. It was detailed, yet conscience. I love that you made adjustments I pointed out without complaints. Thanks for a timely and excellent delivery.
Mr Emma

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The Glow We Bring to Your Project

Timely Delivery

We don't just ensure delivery of excellent output, we are your partner in ensuring that your beat your deadline.

Attention to Details

From writing, data entry, transcription and proofreading, the our approach is, leave no stone unturned no matter the cost.

Customer Support

We are not just about finishing your job to get paid. We want the best for our customer through advisory and ancillary services.

Aglow Story

My name is Amarachi Uduma, I am a writer, proofreader, editor, and copy typist.

My love for reading and writing helped develop my ability to write and easily detect errors in written text. Once I recognized this skill, I built on it, practiced, and took courses.

Aglow Editorials was birthed when I decided to leverage my skills, build a writing business, and contribute to the literary world. In a bid to learn more about the business of writing, I enrolled in the Money Writer Academy. The more I learned, the more my skill and confidence grew, that is why I can confidently market my editorial services and deliver excellent results.

My mission with Aglow Editorials is to simplify the writing process for writers, authors, and brands; to ensure that every written content is clear, concise, and accurate. Aglow Editorials is a safe space where writers can refine their content for the world to see.

At Aglow Editorials, our copyediting, proofreading, word processing and transcription solution is designed to make your written content glow and help you communicate clearly.

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