Weekly episodes where I share bits of my study with the Bible. I think of it as an extension of my bible journaling. It was birthed because I am a young Christian growing everyday in the knowledge of God’s word through the help of the Holy Spirit and I love to share because there’s love in sharing. Sunday nuggets come up on the blog every Sunday.


This is where I share my thoughts and experiences. It is not exactly a diary but it’s a place where you get to see the world through my lens. So, everything good is here, lol, the thoughts, imaginations, reflections, rants and every other idea that dart around in my head.


An anecdote is a short story about an interesting event or occurrence, usually real events. Here, id be dishing out spicy anecdotes about my childhood, my walk with God, my relationships, my life as a student and so on. I hope you love them.


This category is here because I love to read books and see movies. Sometimes I read a book and I feel like ‘the whole world should read this’,  I see a movie and I feel like every other person should watch it too or I use a product and I just can’t keep quiet about it. This category is simply about movies, books and products I think are awesome.


This category is here because we learn everyday, and when I learn something new, I share. Let’s call it my classroom.


I am more of a non-fiction writer, but I’m exploring the fiction writer in me and I believe I make a good story teller.