My name is Amarachi Grace Uduma, the hobbyist writer after your hearts and I author this blog. I am a Christian lady in my early twenties from the Igbo tribe of Nigeria. I started writing in elementary school, I was that quiet girl who would rather write than talk, you could win me in a verbal argument but I’d sure win you on paper.  I love and cherish everything about life and I believe that life should be lived to the fullest and preserved through writing (thank God for history books), I love to be happy too.

Apart from being a readaholic hobbyist writer, I’m a great daughter, sister, friend, baker, cook, and aspiring dancer.

I write to inspire and be inspired, to teach and to learn, to reach out and to grow, to share and be happy.

I really do hope you appreciate my blog, thank you for stopping by to check us out, kindly subscribe to my blog. You can connect with me on instagram via @amaraglow_.