And The Police Shot…

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I’m really here to document an extremely annoying incidence that I experienced recently.

On my way home from churuch on Sunday, I boarded a keke (tricylce), this was in broad daylight, around 11:57am in the morning. While we were on the highway, a uniformed policeman shot at the keke. You can imagine the shock and confusion we had to face inside the keke, it was a miracle that the rider did not loose control.

Okay, let me give a little back story before the shooting. The rider was a young man, he had been stopped twice by policemen on the same highway and on both occasions he gave them what they wanted, the policeman that shot did not stop him on time, in fact we did not even see him on time (my God 🤦🏻‍♀️, they’re soooo many checkpoints now), when the rider did not stop on time because he wasn’t flagged down on time, the policeman shot.

After he had shot and the keke stopped, we all stepped out, we were four passengers including the rider. The policeman ran up to us still holding his gun in position and non-chalantly asked if his bullet touched anybody, he confiscated the keke and then threatened us. He said “una no go shut up leave this place abi, if I shoot nothing go happen, we no go even touch una dead body, we go enter motor drive comot”. That statement crushed the Nigerian in me.

I feel sad for the young keke rider, I wish something could be done about the bad eggs corrupting our system, I wish we could have more policemen that respect Nigerian citizens and value human life.

Something worse could have happened and like he confidently said, nothing will happen.

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