Something that made me Smile Today

Today was not a very wonderful day for me, in fact I had an annoying day. I literally spent my whole day at a bank, just to get an ATM Debit card, I was not the only one, we were many and there were only two staff to attend to us at the customer care unit. I was there from 11am till 5pm, I did not get too angry because some people were even earlier than I was, I couldn’t leave because I had come from a far distance and it rained most of the day plus I was very hungry and had to stand most of the time (the available seats was not even nearly enough for the crowd of customers waiting). Back to the subject of discussion, what made me smile…

My phone made me smile o, I cannot even lie, despite the fact that my day was annoying, I could chat with and complain to my friends, laugh at skits, browse, listen to music and play games, what if I did not have a phone to keep me company, my day would have been worse, maybe I would have even cried. My phone kept me connected, productive and entertained in what could have been a wasted day.

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