Something I Struggle With

Welcome to another blog post, we are still on the August Writing Challenge and it is Day 8.

Something I struggle with… There are a lot of things on this table but I’d share just one.

Waking up before 6am is something I struggle with, my regular wake up time is 6am and for the longest time I have tried to take it back to 5am without much success. Going to bed earlier has not solved this issue for me, neither has alarms, I am too good in snoozing alarms.🤦🏻‍♀️ I’ve decided that I’m going to stop struggling and flow with it, I’d just carry out those activities I would have done in the one hour between 5am to 6am when I wake up. Maybe it’s because of my routine, it’s not that demanding, I imagine that if I live and work in a fast paced, traffic laden city like Lagos, I would probably be waking up by 4am with ease. Likewise if I was a mother with kids that have to get ready for school, I wouldn’t struggle with waking up by 4am.

Do you have things you struggle with? Do you mind sharing? Please do.

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