10 Songs I’m Loving right now

Right now, my playlist has been a serious source of strength, inspiration and encouragement to me. I thank God for the songwriters and artistes that are blessing my life right now. There are definitely more than ten songs that I’m in love with right now, but in line with this post, I’d be sharing just ten.

  1. Angels Bow by Steve Crown ft. Phil Thompson.
  2. Fell in Love by Travis Greene.
  3. I Have Moved by Testimony Jaga ft. Israel Strong.
  4. I Surrender by Hillsong United ft. Lauren Daigle.
  5. Intentional by Travis Greene.
  6. New Level by Israel Strong.
  7. Too Faithful by Moses Bliss.
  8. Victory Belongs to Jesus by Todd Dulaney.
  9. Yeshua Hamashiach by Nathaniel Bassey.
  10. You Covered Me by R.A Vernon ft. Tlimothy Reddick.

These ten are topping my list currently and I am so glad I have them. I also recommend them to you, they are worth listening to. What songs are loving right now, please share with me in the comment section below.

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