Five Ways to Win my Heart

It is day six of the challenge and today I am sharing five ways to win my heart. I thought this would be a simple topic to write on till I started, I had to do a little thinking first.
What I have shared does not only apply to man&woman/romantic heart winning, anybody can win my heart, a child, a baby, a boy, a girl, a teenager, a man, a woman, an old person, etc. So here we go;

1. Love God: I don’t know about you but a person’s spirituality is very attractive to me.  If you are someone that loves God, it would be easier for you to win my heart. Maybe it’s kindred spirit thing.

2. Be Easygoing: I find it easier to bond with easygoing people. I am an introvert so if you are or even look unapproachable, I would most likely keep my distance and keep my guard up.

3. Give: I know this might sound materialistic but the truth remains that love and giving go hand in hand. When I say giving, I do not mean just giving of money or gifts, I also mean giving of time, presence and attention. When you make yourself available to a person, give your precious time and attention, it is easier to win the person’s heart.

4. Surprise me (pleasantly): I added pleasant because surprises come in many forms. It takes a thoughtful person to give or plan a pleasant surprise, so yes, I love surprises and do not take the effort put into it for granted.

5. Have Sense: I used ‘have sense’ for lack of better words, it’s the best way I can communicate what I want to say without necessarily using intelligence or brilliance. By this I just mean that I should be able to have and sustain meaningful conversations with you.

And these are five current ways to win my heart, subject to change as I grow older. Now your turn, because I’m on a mission to win your heart…How do I win your heart?

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