Someone Who Inspires Me

I get inspired by different people at different times for different reasons. A lot of people inspire me, but there is one common denominator for all these inspiring people; they love the Lord and they are doing life big. I do not know most of them personally but I’ve been consistently blessed just by following their pages on social media.

The current inspiration for me right now is Pastor Mildred Kingsley Okonkwo. I’ve been stuck on her YouTube channel lately and I’ve been tremendously blessed. Pastor Mildred’s YouTube Channel

I believe that nothing happens to me by chance, I also believe that I did not bump into her messages by chance. It was God trying to teach and direct me… Is the Lord be preparing me for something 🤔, time will tell.

Who inspires you? Please share in the comment section section below, you never can tell, your comment could change a life.


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