Something Someone told me about myself that I Never Forgot

Day two of the August challenge…


This is going to be a short one.

I learnt a lot of things from my mother like I shared in Ten Things I Learnt from my Late Mother ❤️ , but what I will be sharing in this post is not included there.

When I was eleven years old and about to start secondary school, my mother told me something that I have not forgotten and will never forget. Let me paraphrase her words;

“Ada m, you are the first, your younger sisters will look up to you, you are leading the way, if you behave well, they will follow suit, if you mess up, they will follow “

These words have stuck to me ever since, they helped to shape a sense of responsibility in me, I always have the consciousness that I’m to exemplary, especially to my two younger sisters.

“Ada m” means “my first daughter” in Igbo language.


Has someone also told you something that you can never forget? Please share in the comment section below, I will be reading…. Thank you xo xo.

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