10 Things that make me Really Happy

Its day one of the challenge and I’m excited!!! I’m actually doing it… ๐Ÿ’ช

As easy as this post sounds, it was a lot of work coming up with ten things that make me really happy. I’m a happy girl but I still do not understand why it was difficult to pinpoint the actual reasons for my happiness. I’m glad for this challenge, I’ve seen some things that I’ve not been seeing ๐Ÿ˜….


  1. God: This encompasses a whole lot of things to me, if I were to count I would probably go beyond ten and not get to share some other things. You see, I might not be doing the most but I love Jesus and the knowledge that he loves and wants me forever instills constant joy in my spirit. Worship, praise, prayer, being in church, learning the word and being in fellowship with the body of Christ makes me feel at home and happy. There is a joy that comes with the knowledge of Christ, this joy supersedes happiness, infact because I have this joy in my spirit 24/7, it is very easy for even the slightest things to make me happy and very difficult for me to stay sad.
  2. Food: I like food, I don’t like to stay without food. I’ve stayed without food so I know what I’m saying, I appreciate food, even if I’m not eating, I just like to know that there is food in my house. It helps to keep my peace of mind intact, for me it’s some sort of security so yes, food makes me happy.
  3. Love: I love love, I literally glow up when I see acts of love and couples in love share their stories. Loving someone makes me happy, being loved by someone makes me happy. Not just the romantic love (man&woman Love) but love in general. There are some things I do for my sisters that makes me wonder ”wow, so you have this kind of love in you”, and that feeling gives me genuine happiness. There are somethings friends do for me that makes me feel really loved and happy, I ask myself ”so a human can show you this kind of love ehn”… Love is a beautiful thing you know, especially when it’s mutual.
  4. Nature: One of the reasons I love my village is because I get to see more of nature there. The trees, skies, birds, hills, streams, rivers, sunrise and sunset have a way of always making me smile. For me, nature is therapeutic.
  5. Money: I like money, who doesn’t? Like we already know, money is not the root of all evil, money is a good thing, money amplifies and simplifies. There is a way my body system reacts to credit alerts, even if I’m having a bad day, I manage to squeeze out a smile. I do not like to borrow or ask for money, it takes a lot for me to do that, I’m just happy to know that I can comfortably take care of myself with my own money without having to borrow.
  6. Family: I love the gift of family. Knowing that I have amazing humans who always have my back makes me happy. I have a strong support system in my dad, sisters, grandma, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews, knowing this makes me really happy.
  7. Friends: I’m grateful for the gift of friendship. Having people to gossip with, take adventures with, and do life with is a thing of joy. All friendships both short lived and long term, short distance and long distance bring me happiness, I won’t deny that.
  8. Social media: I cannot even lie, all the times I’ve laughed out loud, gotten encouragement, information and entertainment while scrolling through my screen cannot be overlooked. Thank God for content creators, comedians and meme makers, their work is really important.
  9. Productivity: I do not consider myself a very productive person because I’m not doing as much as I really want to. So, for me, every little step is a big big win. For example, I’m unusually happy about this post I’m making today.
  10. Amarachi Grace Uduma: Okay, I’m yet to figure out how to explain it but this girl makes me really happy, she can be funny at times but she makes me really proud of her. I am this girl, this girl is me.

1 day down, 30 days to go ๐Ÿ˜‹…

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