We Move

I’m just laughing at the title of this post, but it’s the best description for what my feelings right now. Life is not that hard, we move regardless. I’ve legit felt the most guilty about my blog these past few months, sometimes I even feel ashamed. My consistency is not applaudable at all, this was not the plan, but then it’s my blog and it must fulfill the purpose for which it was created, it’s a gradual process and I’m not in a rush. I’m not even here to make excuses or give any explanations.
I’m here to tell someone, especially myself to hang in there and keep pushing, not at anyone’s pace but at my your own pace. I have not made progress like I intended to on http://aglowblog.com, but I have definitely made progress in other areas of my life. So therefore, I refuse to listen to that accusatory voice trying to tell me that I can’t make it on this blog. Never!!!


You see that thing that wants to make you feel like you have failed, refuse to accept it.

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