Lesson from a five year old

Did you ever lie as a child? I sure did, I’d talk about it here someday.

I have a five year old cousin named Chinenye(God gives). She’s a happy child, she loves to dance when she thinks no one is watching, she prefers watching Zeeworld(especially Mehek) to cartoons on TV and she is very fond of me, she loves talking to me over the phone and always wants Auntie Amara to come visiting, but never without plantain chips😁.

Sometime ago, when I spent weekend at her place, I came into the house with my aunt and like most homes where you have active children, the sitting room was beautifully scattered, a book here, a teddy there, crayons on the floor, building blocks on the table, toys on the couch, biscuits crumbs everywhere. As I took in the the sight of the beautifully scattered sitting room trying hard not to laugh at the innocent faces of my little cousins as their mum scolded them, my eyes fell on my pink sneakers and green heeled sandals on the floor just beside the TV.

I remembered vividly that I had placed them beside the bed in the visitor’s room where I slept, I didn’t need a prophet to tell me that somehow my shoes had joined in the toy party, I looked at the sweet little gang but they were already busy trying to arrange the mess they created, I think they did the exact opposite. Having supervised them till the sitting room was almost back to normal, I jejely picked my shoes and dragged the trio into the room, the way Chinenye looked at me when I picked the shoes gave her out, I just knew that she was the culprit.

My interrogation started from her elder siblings who denied knowing how my shoes got to the sitting room, then I asked them out leaving Chinenye my baby, then our discussion started.

Me: Nenye baby

Chinenye: Yes auntie.

Me: Who removed my shoes from this room?

Chinenye: Auntie it’s not me.

Me: Then who removed it? Tell me.

Chinenye: Auntie it’s not me that removed it.

Me: But somebody touched it.

Chinenye : Yes I touched only the pink one…. It’s not me

Me: Okay, so you touched it.

Chinenye : No, it’s not me.

Me: Nenye are you lying to me.

Chinenye : (hesitates) no auntie, it’s not me.

Me: Okay, go.

Deliberately I kept a stern face, she stood for a while and then left the room reluctantly. When I returned to the sitting room, I noticed that she was unusually quiet, she tried to get my attention but I pretended not to notice 🤨.

Few minutes later she came to me and whispered “auntie I’m sorry” into my ears.

Me: What are you sorry for.

Chinenye: It’s me that removed your shoe, I wore it small and forgot to put it back.

Me: So why did you lie to me.

Chinenye: Auntie you were angry… I’m sorry I will not play with your shoe again, auntie don’t be angry… I will not play in your room again.

I drew her close and told her that it was okay, I was not angry with her, I won’t stop being her friend and next time, she should just tell the truth because when you tell the truth, you feel better.

I’m done typing and I’m asking myself why I shared this story, well, I guess the sincere apology of a five year old meant a lot to me. Reminds me of a post I made when I just started out this blog, Lies🤷. Sometimes it’s difficult to say the truth, even when the lies have become so much of a burden to us.

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