The Market and the People

In this market, everybody is important.
The sellers, buyers, importers, windowshoppers, shoemakers, water hawkers, food hawkers, food sellers, wheel barrow pushers, job guys, keke riders, thieves 😂. Okay the theives are undeniably a part of the market, you need to see Market Gist to get my point.

When I say that everybody is important in the market, I mean EVERYBODY. Let me try to narrow it down. The market consists of different categories of people, people come there for various reasons especially buying and selling of course.

The importers : We are all risk takers in the market, but I call the importers the biggest risk takers. The risks they take is what moves the market, especially the textile and fabrics market where almost everything is imported.

The wholesalers : Here we know them as the guys in the warehouse, we the retailers buy directly from them, since we don’t buy directly from the importers.

The retailers : We are here for the end users, tailors, fashion designers, decorators etc 😎. We are also there for the visiting customers, they reach us first.

The wheel barrow /truck pushers : Believe me, these guys are too important in the market. How else can you carry and move your heavy goods 😂?

The job guys : a.k.a macho men of the market 💪. These guys can carry two bags of rice on their backs, they carry sacks weighing up to 200kg or even more. You need them when a barrow can’t get inside your shop, especially if your shop is upstairs and your goods cannot fly into your shop.

The pure water (sachet water) sellers : a.k.a lifesavers of the market. The market is very rowdy, especially when the sun is hot. You just need to keep drinking cold water to stay hydrated. And they are always available, just say purewater, you don’t even need to shout it, and you’d see like five of them appear… The hustle is real.

The food sellers : All I can say is, God bless them😁.

The shoe makers : You don’t know their value till your footwear or slippers cuts in the market and you’re not ready to buy a new one.

The sackers(ndi igba akpa) : a.k.a logistics department. These guys are experts at packaging goods for delivery. Their services are needed especially by customers that come from far places and need to waybill their goods in batches.

The hawkers : Me I’m happy for these people o. I get to see and windowshop and buy quality thrift okrika from the comfort of my shop, at ridiculously good prices o. Most of my shoes, clothes, bags, I got while I was in my shop… For this I like Aba.

The keke riders: Their value in the market cannot be overestimated. Most of them ride like pilots though.

With these few points of mine 🤗, I hope I have communicated that everybody is important in the market, in the market system, everyone has a role to play to make it work. If you’re coming from the North or West to buy goods from Aba, you would need everyone including the barrow pushers and especially the sackers.

Okay, let’s stop here today, hope your December is going well 😉.

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