Watch Not!

Hello and welcome back to my blog ✌️.

I just remembered an incidence that I want to share. 🤔

This happened years ago, when I and my sisters were little girls. Daddy loved to buy us movies. One day he bought; King Solomons Mines, George of the Jungle, The Gods must be Crazy, Shrek, Mr Bones and American Wedding (an American pie series).
I can’t forget the day I saw American Wedding because I was the only one in the sitting room watching that day, my sisters were asleep.
Let me briefly describe the scene that was showing when daddy walked in: There was a round table, some sort of dinner setting, a white table cloth was draped over the table. A young woman got under the table and ministered what they called fellatio to a young man.
Daddy was petrified, he shouted “who brought this movie to this house”. I told him that he bought it, he didn’t believe till I showed him the pack, then he took it and we never saw it again. After that, he bought more books and less movies (the birthing of the Readaholic in me) .
That scene stuck a while to my little curious mind, as I became a teenager I understood what was going on in that scene and why daddy took the movie away.

When I become a parent, I would also want to know and screen the information my young children consume, because children are a product of what they hear, see and read.

Point your kids in the right direction— when they’re old they won’t be lost.
Proverbs 22:6 MSG

Thank you for reading, see you soon ❤️.

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