Movie Title: Breakthrough.
Year Released: April, 2019
Director: Roxann Dawson
Producer: DeVon Franklin
Lead Actors: Chrissy Metz, Ruiz Marcel, Topher Grace, Josh Lucas.
Genre: Drama.
Based On: Book “The Impossible” by Joyce Smith and Ginger Kolbaba.
Running Time: 116 minutes.

A friend recommended the movie ‘Breakthrough’ to me and I loved every single bit of it, it ministered to me specially, I owe my friend ice cream for this recommendation 😊.
The movie vividly shows the power of God’s love, strong faith and prayers. Movies like this make me fall in love with God the more and re enacts to my consciousness the beautiful life we have as believers. Life is truly spiritual and the physical is controlled by the spiritual. I would touch on some specific areas of the movie but I highly recommend that you see it if you haven’t seen it yet.

Patient died.
Mother prayed.
Patient came back to life.”
-Dr. Kent Sutterer.
The quote above by Dr. Sutterer tells the movie in three sentences, but of course there is more to this wonderful movie that I just have to share with you.
Fourteen year old John Smith (Marcel Ruiz), the adoptive son of Joyce Smith (Chrissy Metz) and Brian Smith (Josh Lucas) falls through ice and gets drowned while playing on a frozen lake with his friends. For fifteen minutes, he is trapped underwater till help comes and he is rushed to the hospital unconscious and without a pulse. The emergency team gives in their best to save John and when they see that he is not going to make it, his mother, Joyce is invited to see him one last time. Joyce cannot come to terms with the thought of her son dying, with tears in her eyes she makes a heartfelt prayer to God to let John live, a pulse registers on the monitor and immediately the doctors get back to work. John is airlifted and transferred to a better equipped hospital where Dr. Garret (Dennis Haysbert) who is an expert in drowning cases takes over.
John is placed on a medically induced coma and Dr. Garret warns his parents of the unlikelihood of his recovery, even if he were to eventually pull through, he would be in a constant vegetative state. Joyce chooses not to believe the doctor’s prognosis, her faith and belief that God can heal her son completely is so fierce that even her husband gets concerned for her at some point.
Jason Noble (Topher Grace), the family pastor remains by the family’s side all through the ordeal, John’s schoolmates and basket ball team comes to see him, a “pray for John campaign” started by his friends goes viral, his story is on the news, he becomes the talk of the town, his chances of surviving, little.
Dr. Garret informs Joyce and Brian that the drugs being used for John’s treatment are becoming toxic to his system. Joyce who has been so obsessed with John’s waking up tells Dr. Garret to take John off all medication and life support, and let him fight for his life, at this point, she lets go of trying to control the situation and is ready for whatever the outcome is. A broadcast is made, calls for prayers are made for John the night before the medications would be taken off.
When the medications are taken off, John slowly regains consciousness, with full cognitive ability. Dr. Garret is dumbfounded, John’s case defied medical science, he says to Joyce, “your son is a miracle”.

Recommended:   Helloooooo🤗

FAVOURITE SCENES: I loved the church scene where the rap artist ministered, John was moved by the rap even though Mrs Smith disssaproved.
The swift response of the cops and rescue team appealed to me, those guys are committed to their job.
The teamwork of the doctors is also fascinating, doctors who are passionate about their work.

The scene where the crowd turned up with candles at night to sing and pray for John outside the hospital 😭, then tears slipped down John’s closed eyes, you don’t even need to know the power of love to be moved by that scene.

The excitement of the whole school when John woke up is just priceless.

Finally, the Thanksgiving service scene, when Pastor Jason called those who prayed for John to stand, ❤️I cried with John.

JOYCE SMITH : Mrs Smith (Chris’s Metz) is a devout Christian lady, she heads the women’s ministry and she is a mother in every sense, though she is not John’s biological mother. Even though she is scared of heights and hyperventilates when John is being moved on a plane, she insists on staying with her son. Pastor Jason describes her as the perfect mama bear. In her strong faith, she refuses to believe the doctors’ report about her son. She disallows the doctors to speak negative prognosis in his son’s room, she takes charge and mandates them to speak life only. When she said, ‘ I believe God can heal John completely’, I felt that. She makes a heart warming prayer on the hospital roof after she has a heated argument with her husband, after that she has the courage to let go of trying to control the situation and leave it to God. She tells Dr. Garrett to take off John’s lifesupport and let him fight for his life.

JASON NOBLE : Pastor Jason (Topher Grace) is the new resident pastor to the Smiths. He is not fully accepted by Joyce Smith because he is not regimented to the traditional system which she is used to. Rather than use only hymns, he invites a rap artist to minister in order to get the interest of the the young ones like John. The Pastor Jason is a true shepherd, his commitment to the Smiths family from the onset of the tragedy is worth commending.

CINEMATOGRAPHY : All I can say is that they did an excellent job, especially the ice lake and drowning shots.

SOUNDTRACK : This could not go unnoticed by me. The songs were carefully selected and each song related to the scenes where they were used. I would share the songs at the end of the post, I’ve already downloaded most of it.

WHAT I THINK : I think that Breakthrough is a wonderful movie, the cast and crew did a great job putting it together and I believe they achieved the aim of passing the message behind the movie to the viewers. I would give it a five star rating, this movie melted my heart, you should see it for yourself. I also think I didn’t do enough justice to this movie here, I repeat, you just have to see Breakthrough!!!


  • I’m standing with you by Chrissy Metz.
  • Hold on by Mickey Guyton.
  • Love wins by Carrie Underwood.
  • Breathe again by Lauren Alaina.
  • Big old shoulders by Darius Rucker.
  • This amazing grace by Lecrae, Phil Wick.
  • People need people by Maddie and Tae.
  • Oceans by Kirk Franklin.
  • Play it again by Pigeon John.
  • Colorful by Jukebox the Ghost.

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