This Felony called RAPE

Good evening my beloved, welcome back to Aglow Blog. Today I’d be talking about a sensitive matter that has been in my heart for a long time, the issues of rape.
A quick definition before I begin: Rape is “non consensual sexual intercourse.”

A Felony is “a crime sufficiently serious to be punishable by death or a term in state or federal prison.”

This “rape” matter has trended for more than a week now in my country and I seem to have writer’s block whenever I sit to write on it. Not because I do not know what to say but because it is a highly sensitive topic.The issue of rape is not new, it is one of the oldest crimes in human history, as old as murder, and it doesn’t even look like its going to stop soon.
It could happen anywhere, along the road, in a bus, in a classroom, at a party, in our homes and the most recent case in my country was even in a church building.
The perpetrator can be anyone, a stranger, a friend, a classmate, a colleague, an enemy, a neighbor, an uncle, a brother and even a father. The victim could be anyone, your friend, your family, male and female inclusive, but particularly the female, your sister, your daughter or even your mother.
The appalling thing is that this crime is underrated, it is an outrageous violation of the human person, a felony and should be treated as such. It is true that there are consequences for the crime of rape, but when the perpetrators don’t face the consequences for their actions, the crime is encouraged to thrive. My point is, it’s high time we stopped keeping quiet about and normalizing this crime, our silence encourages it, directly or indirectly.
There is a low rate of rape prosecution, because most cases are not reported or are treated slightly and there is also the issue of lack of proper investigation, so perpetrators go unpunished. Proper investigation here includes having special training for authorities and personnels handling rape cases, biological evidence such as semen, saliva, blood, vagina epithelial cells should be used for forensic identification of the offenders.
According to statistics, one in every four girls would have experienced at least one form of sexual assault or the other by the time she is eighteen years old. Come to think of it, almost every girl knows another girl that has been sexually assaulted. It’s heart breaking when a rape occurs and the society is quick to blame and stigmatize the victim rather than the rapist. You hear nonsensical remarks like, ‘what was she wearing?’, ‘she was at the wrong place’, ‘she should have fought him’, ‘are you sure she didn’t enjoy it?’, ‘it’s nothing serious, she’d get over it’ etc.
Nothing justifies the act of rape, not indecent dressing, not revenge, not drunkenness, not enemity, not relationship, not even libido. I believe that a human adult male should be able to control his manhood, that is a major difference between humans and animals. It is sickening that this act goes on in our homes and families and it thrives in secrecy, so the offender goes unpunished and the victim suffers in silence. Nobody knows the trauma and damage caused by rape, only the victim knows.
I’d continue in the second part of this post This Felony called RAPE II.

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