This Felony called RAPE II

This is a continuation of the post This Felony called RAPE

Apart from the shame and societal stigma faced by rape victims, they could also experience post traumatic stress disorder, disassociation from social life, paranoia, sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancies, and sometimes suicide.

On two different occasions, I have escaped being raped, first time by a stranger, second time by a relative. Even though they were both unsuccessful in their attempts, I have not forgotten those incidents. My close friend was beaten up and almost raped by a guy that was supposedly our friend, just because he invited her and she visited.
Till tomorrow, I still avoid staying out late alone, I quicken my steps when I walk past a guy or group of guys, I try not to walk alone, I completely avoided night class in school, I hardly ever accept rides from guys, it doesn’t matter if they are being genuinely nice, I’m being genuinely cautious, in fact, there is this sense of ‘I don’t trust guys’ that I have developed unconsciously.
Just like there is little chance that murder and theft would stop anytime soon, rape also isn’t likely to stop. The most we can do after seeing that the perpetrators are punished is to always be alert. It is true that we can not be too careful about this matter and no where is actually safe, but still we have to tune up our alertness and take active measures. Just like we try to make things difficult for a thief by locking our doors, we should make things even more difficult for a rapist.
My heart reaches out to all rape victims, I pray they are able to heal. Together we can limit the act of rape, not by inaction but by action, today the victim might be a girl you saw on the news, tomorrow it could be someone very close to you. If these guys know that they won’t go unpunished, they would think twice before even allowing an erection to occur.
Rape is punishable by life imprisonment, with or without caning. Attempt to commit rape is punishable with 14 years imprisonment. Indecent assault on females is punishable with 2 years imprisonment.

We owe it to ourselves and our future generations to treat the crime of rape as the felony that it is.

Have a great weekend. Sending you love and light ♥.

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