God’s Number One Job II

Good day beloved and welcome back to my blog. This is the second part of my previous post God’s Number 1 Job. In soul winning, you do not try creating time out of your busy schedule, rather you take the message of Christ into your busy schedule. If as a student, you keep trying to squeeze out time for soul winning, you might not be effective, but if you carry the gospel with you and start right where you are, in your class or room, you would make more impact. Take the message to your class, if you are a doctor, take the message to your hospital, if you are a banker, take the message to your bank, if you’re on social media, let Jesus be seen on your page. Learn to see people as souls who are valuable to God, and wherever there are human beings, the gospel has a right to be there.

The need for prayer as a means to soulwinning cannot be over emphasized, it is the major key in soulwinning. Prayer would bring about sensitivity on your part as a soulwinner, it ensures that those who give their lives to Christ are rooted in Jesus and makes for a mightier and larger array of soul winners. If you want to win souls, you have to intercede first for lost souls in the place of prayer, to make their minds fertile to the message of Christ, and remove all veils of ignorance from their eyes. You must recognize that the devil is also interested in souls and therefore you are in a battlefield, but you fight majorly from the point of prayer, because life is spiritual and the weapons of our warfare are not carnal.

To be a fruitful soul winner, there are some vital things that you should observe: you should always be ready with reference materials like a Bible or book because you could get the opportunity to change a life at any time (a phone serves well too) , have good courtesy and manner of speech, be decent and neat, be knowledgeable in the scriptures of salvation, always remember to pray with everyone you get born again, never condemn or criticize them rather tell them of the pure love of Jesus, always be prepared by taking your prayers seriously and always follow up on them, no matter how difficult it may seem, never give up on a soul, follow them up with visits, calls, love and prayers till they become grounded in Christ, you could even invite them to church if they do not attend one already.

Getting a degree and a good job is important, but we should never deviate from our main purpose of preaching the word and winning souls, God is more interested in things that we do concerning His kingdom than our earthly acheivements. This does not mean that your ambitions should suffer, seek first the kingdom and every other thing shall be added therein, be a Christian with a difference, let your Christianity influence your world. There is a blessing and peace that goes with a soulwinner, start from where you are, your friends, neigbours, family and colleagues, are they born again?. Remember, you are God’s outstretched arm and He has given you the ministry of reconciliation.

See you soon ♥️.

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