How is the Lock-down going? πŸ€”

Good day my dearly beloved. I really hope you are doing well amidst this crisis.

As for me, I can’t even believe that it’s the 27th Day of May already, like I didn’t plan my year to be this πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ. But then there’s a saying that clouds come with silver lining and this girl typing this post strongly believes that she can never be disadvantaged, at all, even if the sky is falling.

“How is the lock down going? ” seems to have replaced “how are you?”😁 So I will tell you some good things and a bad thing about my lock down.

The good thing is that I get to decide what to do with my time, this is not even easy because there’s the temptation to sleep, eat and press phone all day (there’s a thin line between using your phone and being useful with your phone, I often find myself staggering on that lineπŸ₯΄). Still I can correctly say that I’ve benefited from this lock down, I’ve done two online courses and I’m currently doing another one.

I’ve got appetizing books that keep beckoning to me but I rarely have time to read 😭, most times I sleep off when reading because I’m tired, but then I’m making progress, even if it’s just a page πŸ˜‚.

I’ve also been seeing lots of movies because the course I’m taking requires doing movie reviews as assignment, cool right?

I’ve even been rightly accused of being a snob, even though I don’t think I am one 😊. It’s just that, I can’t engage in some kind of conversations, especially when I have more important things to do, I can’t be chatting an irrelevant chat on whatsapp when I have an assignment and a deadline to meet, especially when it’s “‘have you eaten?,’ ‘what did you eat?’, ‘tell me about yourself’, ‘tell me about your worse day’ ” kind of chat. I’m not saying I don’t reply such chats, I just prioritize my availability and try to be more productive with my time 😎.

Okay the bad thing about this lock down for me is NEPA or EEDC or anything other name that electricity goes by in my country. It breaks my heart when my phone, power bank and laptop are low and I can’t charge them, we can go two days and more without electricity 😒. There’s even a new trend now, during the day no electricity, then it comes at night, when I should be sleeping, mostly by 11pm and before 5am, it’s out. I have been turned to a nocturnal human πŸ˜‚.

This is painful because I am productive when I’m using my phone, apart from taking calls, replying messages, and browsing, I read with my phone, I do 95% of my blogging with my phone, I type with my phone, I create graphics on my phone, I attend meetings with my phone, I do devotion with my phone, I also play games with my phone and the list is endless. When I can’t power my devices, I feel terrible even though I manage the situation quite well. I use that time as a break period.

Okay, enough about me and how my lock down is going, how are you and how is your lock down going?

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