Hello dear and good day,I hope you’re chilling. Today’s post was birthed out of my curiosity.

I’ve always speculated that yawning has to be highly contagious because I hardly see a person yawn without catching it. I was pleased when I did my study and found out that my speculations were right. If you knew this before now, thank God for me as I’ve seen the light😁, if you didn’t know, keep reading👇.

Like we already know, a yawn is a reflex act of opening one’s mouth wide and inhaling deeply to help us control our oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, especially when tired or bored.

It is one of the most contagious, uncontrollable actions a body does. Just thinking about yawning can cause you to do it. Seeing, watching or even reading about it can trigger a yawning session from you, I’ve been yawning putting this post together and you would probably yawn reading it😎.

It is something done by everybody, from babies to grandparents, even animals yawn. Don’t try to stifle it because when you yawn, it is because your body needs it. I think I kind of enjoy yawning, it relaxes the body, try it out.

The most scientifically backed theory about yawning is a brain temperature regulation. When the brain’s temperature gets too far outside the norm, inhaling air can help cool it down.

There are different reasons why we yawn;

  1. We yawn when we’re tired or fatigued because the brain is slowing down making its temperature to drop.
  2. We yawn when bored because the brain is not feeling stimulated and starts to slow down, causing a drop in temperature.
  3. We yawn when we see someone else yawn as a part of human’s natural empathic response.
  4. We yawn when the body wants to wake itself up or fall asleep (before or after sleep).
  5. We yawn when we are feeling sleepy or don’t get enough sleep.
  6. We yawn when we are hungry.

For me though, yawning can be satisfying and relaxing. All six reasons listed above triggers my yawn, especially hunger and seeing another person yawn. I yawn when I’m being lazy too, knowing that I have so much to do without even know where to start makes me yawn. What makes you yawn the most?

See you very very soon.

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