My Swimsuit

Hello and good day. It’s the twenty ninth day of April 2020 already. Today I want to tell a little story, it’s a funny story from my childhood, but it did teach me a lesson.

I was six years old at the time and my mum got me a lovely swimsuit, it was bright pink in color and I cherished it, I never swam in it, never even got close to water in it, but I always wore it at the slightest opportunity. One day as I played outside in the yard with my younger sister, who was just a year old at the time, I felt so pressed, I needed to pee, but I was wearing my pink swimsuit for the first time. You know how swimsuits are, difficult to understand for a five year old. If I had been wearing a skirt, gown or trouser, it would have been easy for me to help myself, but I was on a swimsuit and couldn’t figure out how to remove it.

I did the pee snake dance, trying very hard not to pee on myself, then I called out to my uncle who was working on the generator outside. ‘uncle see what I am wearing’, he turned to me and smiled, picking up my baby sister, then he said, ‘ah, you’re wearing swimsuit? It’s very fine, who bought it for you’.

‘It’s my mummy’ I replied, ‘uncle see what I’m wearing’ I repeated, this time louder and almost crying. My uncle must have been very confused, ‘It’s lovely, what is wrong with it, are you crying?’ Just then my mum came home and saw me wriggling and pulling my swimsuit, she immediately knew that I needed to pee and couldn’t help myself, she helped me take off the swimsuit, it came all off, and then I eased myself, I think I still ended up peeing on myself.

My mum laughed really hard when my uncle narrated his confusion to her, I was crying and telling him to see my swimsuit which he saw and appreciated.

The problem wasn’t that he couldn’t help me, but I didn’t ask correctly. If I had said ‘uncle I need to pee’ instead of ‘uncle see what I’m wearing’, he could have gotten the message immediately and helped me out, his response to me was based on the message I gave to him and he wasn’t mummy so he probably didn’t have the mothers’ instinct.

The lesson I learnt from this experience is that we’ve got to be direct in our dealings and communication with people if we want to be understood. Say what you mean and mean what you say, people rarely read minds so you’ve got to say what is in your mind for other people to understand it.

Hope you liked my little story 😊. See you soon.

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