Brother X

Hello there 🤗, how is your day going? Let me quickly entertain you with an experience that I just remembered.

Few years ago, I met a brother in church, we’d call him Brother X. Gradually we started becoming friends, he was my leader in church and I was a devoted member. We would have small chats before church service started (we were both punctual), after service we would enter the same tricycle (keke) sharing rhema and he always paid for my transport. We were often in the same soul winning and evangelism group, we got quite close and I really admired his commitment to church activities.

One Sunday during service, Brother X called me aside, he had a word of knowledge for me, he said to me, “The Lord said to tell you that you would get married very soon and you would not marry someone from your state of origin”. I thanked him and went back to join the service. Out of habit, I called my mum of blessed memory and told her about it, she laughed and said that God’s will would be done and I shouldn’t put my mind into it, I told my pastor and he said I should talk to the Holy Spirit about it and pray to be consistently guided in God’s will for my life, I told my best friend and she was so excited about planning a wedding already, she’s that crazy. This happened in October.

Then one day in December, after a mid week service, Brother X approached me and asked me to be his girlfriend, he really liked me and wanted to marry me, he said he had been praying about it and he wanted to settle down soon. I didn’t see it coming so I was visibly shocked, he said I should go home and think about it. I went home, thought about it and gave my response, it was a ‘respectful no’. I just didn’t want that sort of relationship yet, marriage was not soon in my mind even though he was not from my state of origin as was stated in the word of knowledge, there were no butterflies in my tummy, I didn’t get any sort of confirmation about his proposal and I was bad at pretending.

After I gave my response, we stopped becoming friends, our blooming friendship sort of died a natural death. He started avoiding me and I kept my distance as well, it was very awkward. But of course whenever we sang ‘my hands are filled with the blessings of the lord, everyone I touch surely must be blessed’, we touched each other, me with my ever smiling face.

Well the good news is that Brother X found his missing rib soon after, who is not me, they’ve settled down and are happily married. It’s been years now, I just thought of it and I am grateful. Grateful that I didn’t let loyalty or respect to cloud my judgment, it’s quite some funny situation when someone you hold in high regard but have no feelings for asks you out on a romantic relationship and you turn them down, most times it hurts their pride and you lose the relationship.

I’m grateful that I didn’t let his word of knowledge cloud my discernment. What if I had said yes to his proposal, it most likely wouldn’t have ended well, and it could have been more complicated and disastrous. Have you had such experience with a Brother X or Sister X? How did you manage the situation?

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