Ten Things to do with the COVID19 Lock-down

Good day my beloved, how is it going? This lock down is getting tiring, boredom has come upon many of us, sleep has become magnetic and time slow. I’ve come up with some things that I think we could be doing with this lock down.
  • 1. Check up on family and friends: Now you don’t have the excuse of ‘I’m busy with work’, even if you’re busy, you should have enough time to check on friends and family. You could try going through your contact list on your phone, you’d surely see someone that would be glad you called, you could even seize the opportunity to rekindle relationships. Service networks like MTN and Airtel are currently doing a free SMS service for their customers, you should make good use of it, one text message from you could brighten up someone’s boring day.
    2. Revisit your New Year resolutions: Who would have thought that by April 2020, the second quarter of the year, the whole world would be on a lock down? Certainly not me. But then we’re in our homes now, and it seems like everything is on pause, a lot of plans have been suspended, weddings, funerals and other social events have been cancelled or postponed, everyone is affected. I think this is a perfect time to revisit, restructure and restrategize 2020 resolutions and goal. The lock down would soon be over and life we know it would resume, we have to come out of it better and prepared for whatever is going to come out of this.
  • 3. Connect with God: This is also a beautiful time to connect with and spend more time with God on a personal level. We might not be going to our churches but that is never a limitation. Set intentional goals for your spiritual life, it could be studying a chapter a day, or praying for five minutes a day, depending on your capacity and how much you’re willing to stretch, plus our world needs prayers now. It is very possible to come out of this lockdown a better and more aware Christian than you’ve ever been. If you’re a Christian then you’d likely know that with everything going on in our world today, it is very clear that we are in the end times and the rapture of the church is close, the Bible is not a joke. This is the time to sit up and this lockdown presents a good opportunity to research, study, pray, hear from God and be ready for our Lord. I’ve been and am still a participant of Global Prayer week with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and Pastor Benny Hinn via Loveworld TV Channel on YouTube and I’ve really been blessed and enlightened with the prayers and insightful teachings on eschatology.
  • 4. Rest: I think this is one of the silver linings to this lock down. We can actually rest from crazy schedules of waking up by 4 am, enduring traffic, and sleeping late. For a while our bodies can rest from that cycle of dreading Mondays and looking forward to weekends, everyday is weekend now, lol. Resting could be hard for some people like me that find it hard to get off social media, so some times, I just turn off my data connection or even switch off my phone and just relax or sleep.
  • 5. Clean up and give out: The clean up that you’ve been postponing, waiting for the perfect weekend or holiday, you can do it now. This is the time to do a thorough clean up of your house, clean up the kitchen, clean out your closet or wardrobe, get rid of unnecessary stuff and create space, you could even find lost treasures in the process. I found one of my favorite shoes I thought I had lost while cleaning up my room, it was trapped between the bedpost and the wall, somewhere I don’t get to when I do routine sweeping. I also found that I probably won’t be needing most of my clothes, they were just occupying space so I’ve packaged them to give them out once the lock down ends.
  • 6. Write a to do list: Simply put, keep a schedule. It helps keep track of time and accomplish tasks. There’s something about writing down things, you just want to get it done and check it off. With a schedule or to do list, you’re on track and you are more productive. And yes, I include sleep, rest and movie time in my schedule.
  • 7. See movies or read a book: There are movies that I had always wanted to watch but did not get to do so, I’m seeing them now, and I’m also reading books like I always do. I would really love your movie recommendations, I love movies that are historic, movies that are set in the BCs, nineteenth or even eighteenth century, like Merlin, I also love romance movies, so kindly give me your recommendations in the comment section below, thank you.
  • 8. Learn something new: Thank God for technology, there is no limit to what can be learnt on the internet. I learnt the basics of blogging with my phone, I took a free course on fundamentals of digital marketing with my phone, I learnt how to ice a cake with fondant with my phone, I’m thinking about learning how to dance online too but I think I’d prefer a physical tutor for that. Websites like Udemy, Coursera, edX, and Alison are great platforms for learning online and they even offer some free courses. This lock down is a good time to level up.
  • 9. Stay Informed: There is a lot happening in our world, stay woke! Try as much as possible to get information from the right source, avoid engaging in and peddling rumors, do your research, do not disregard the government’s orders, do not let fear or panic into your mind and let the joy of our Lord be your strength at all time. Also study your Bible, I feel like it is the script being acted out in our world today, in fact it has always been, may the Spirit of God guide us at this time.
  • 10. Pamper yourself: Take care of yourself, be good to yourself, show yourself some love. There are various ways you could do this, you might not be able to eat out or buy yourself ice-cream, but you could just eat well, dance in front of the mirror, participate in ongoing video challenges if it makes you happy, take long baths, sleep well, turn off your data connection and have some really yummy ‘me time’.
    You could even keep a journal, I just keep imagining that fifty years from now if the rapture of the church tarries, my grandchildren would ask me questions like, ‘grandma what is COVID 19?’, ‘what happened in 2020?’, ‘wow you witnessed it, tell me about it’.
If you have other ideas on what could keep us busy, useful, happy, productive and informed in this lock down, please share in the comment section below, I’d appreciate. Thanks for stopping by, you’re loved!

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