Wisdom Teeth: Under 25 and three teeth less.

I had 32 teeth, but now I have 29 left, I’m not proud of it but then, they had to get out of my mouth for my sanity to remain intact. I do not wish toothache for anyone, it’s a terrible thing, the ache is in your tooth but the whole body suffers.

Wisdom teeth are the hind or final set of molars that most people get in their late teens or early twenties. When they are properly aligned behind the second molars, they are a great asset with regards to chewing, but when they are misaligned which is more often, they become problematic and require removal.

They are called ‘wisdom teeth’ because they emerge at a more mature age when you’re supposedly wiser.

Six years ago, I had my lower-right wisdom tooth extracted, two years on, I had my upper-right wisdom tooth extracted and my lower-left wisdom tooth filled. Last year, my upper-left wisdom tooth was extracted on my birthday! Now I have just one wisdom tooth left and it’s even filled! I’m going to ensure that I do not remove another tooth, the pain that comes with it is not nice at all and I’m still a very young girl to be losing teeth.

Sometimes, a wisdom tooth becomes impacted when it does not have enough room to develop normally (well, it’s a latecomer so no surprise space is an issue).

Several complications arise from problematic wisdom teeth:

  • It could damage other teeth by pushing against the second molar in the quest for space, the pressure in some cases would require orthodontic treatment to strengthen the other teeth.
  • The wisdom tooth in some rare cases develops in a sac within the jaw bone. The sac could get filled with fluid, forming a cyst that can damage the jawbone, teeth and nerves.
  • Impacted or even partially impacted wisdom teeth stand at a higher risk of tooth decay (caries) than other teeth. This is because they are more difficult to clean as a result of their backward location, when not properly cleaned, food and bacteria easily get trapped in and in between the teeth, causing infection and decay. (this was my story. My toothbrush just wouldn’t get to those wisdom teeth and I’m also guilty of negligence on my part, so when the holes started growing on my wisdom teeth, I usually did not notice till it got very bad and the toothache set in, then I would rush to the dentist and extraction is the only way out. Please don’t be like me, pay attention to your teeth). In some very severe cases, when the wisdom tooth starts decaying, it leads to a painful inflammatory gum condition called pericoronitis in that area. I certainly do not wish for this to happen to anyone.

You can’t keep the wisdom teeth from emerging or even keep an impaction from occurring, but keeping regular dental appointments for check ups enables the dentist to monitor the growth and tendencies of your wisdom teeth.

The dentist that performed my last tooth extraction asked to come back after six months for check up, it’s been a year now and I’ve not gone, my bad, again don’t be like me. But I’ve been taking every other dental precaution and advice given to me very seriously, some of them are;

  • I had to start brushing twice daily, I didn’t see the necessity of it till I started loosing teeth.
  • I had to start brushing intentionally, I had been brushing all my life and not brushing my late wisdom teeth, so now when I brush, I don’t want to miss out any teeth, I brush left, right, up, down, middle, front and back.
  • I was asked to go for toothbrushes that have narrow edge or head and not the fat ones so that it can reach far into my molars when I brush.
  • I had to start changing my toothbrush, I was asked to change it after every three months, but now when I see a nice toothbrush which is regularly, I just buy it.
  • I was asked to drink water regularly, I take enough water daily because I’m a drinker of water, I love water a lot, though I’m still not convinced about what drinking water has to do with the teeth.
  • I was asked to ensure that I use only toothpaste that contains fluoride. I use Sensodyne toothpaste now, it’s a bit more expensive than other good toothpastes but it’s totally worth it, especially if you have sensitive teeth.
  • I got to know about flossing (getting rid of food particles that get stuck between teeth) I floss at least once a day especially after eating food like meat because those particles are usually beyond the reach of the toothbrush.
  • I was also asked to avoid sweets and sweetened drinks. This one has actually been a bit difficult because I love sweet things, but I’m working on it because I love my teeth more.

Wisdom teeth that are not removed should continue to be monitored as there is the probability of developing problems later on.

That is all on my wisdom teeth gist, I hope I’ve informed you enough. Take care of your teeth, for your own good, toothache is very terrible, I do not wish to ever experience it again. For more information you can use the links below or use Google.





See you soon!



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