Twenty Four

Today is my birthday, and very unlike me, I am not really sure about what I want to write here, but I’d write anyway (I’m writing on for the first time and it gladdens my heart).

I turned twenty-four today, it’s not supposed to be a surprise to me but I’m really marveled, I feel like a grown up baby (how did I get here? lol). I used to be very secretive about my age for no tangible reason, that’s in the past now. So, hello world, I’m twenty-four!!!

Today would be the first birthday mummy won’t be calling to pray for her baby girl, I know she’s smiling down at me from our Lord’s bosom, sending love and light, because she’s proud of me.

I’ve really changed a lot in the past year, let’s just say I’ve upgraded, and I really love the young woman I’m becoming. Sometimes I mess up terribly, but then I’m stuck with me and I’m my responsibility so as many times as I mess up and fall, I pick myself up. Do I sound like a motivational speaker? I hope not. I’m just super grateful to God, grateful for life, grateful for the beautiful people that I have in my life including you reading this.

Few years back when I was in school, my vision 2020 was to get married, I just wanted to be somebody’s wife by 2020, I blame my voracious consumption of romance movies and novels. I think of it now and just smile, I’ve grown, dreams and goals keep growing too, that vision has been postponed till when the Lord makes it beautiful in his time.

One of the goals that I set last year was to upgrade my blog, get a domain name and hosting. A round of applause for me please, I’ve smashed that goal. As you say “Happy Birthday” to me, kindly add “Congratulations my lady” and subscribe to my blog because is a dream come true.

When next you’re praying, please join me in thanking God for my life, I could write a whole book on his faithfulness to me, He is the wind beneath my wings, with Him I can only soar higher and higher.

Happy Birthday to me, I just wish I could get your share of cake across to you. Kindly celebrate with me by showing a little kindness to someone today. God bless you, I love you (in Pastor Chris’ voice)


  1. Congratulations darling!!! Happy birthday.. I’m proud of the woman you are and are becoming… I love you baby girl.. 😍🤤

    Hope this vision 2020 has not been postponed too far… 😏 Don’t keep us waiting for long oo..😅😂😂

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