Sophia Night II

Welcome back! This is a continuation of my story Sophia Night from last week.

So I told myself, you’ve come for Sophia night, what more do you want to see, you can hear the gist later, lets go to bed. I called my trusted female friend and her boy friend who was also my friend  outside and told them that I wanted to go and sleep, they said the night was just starting but I insisted, I was reminded that the hostel was already locked, not like I forgot, I had a plan. When I wouldn’t stop insisting and complaining, they agreed to walk me to my hostel.

I kind of enjoyed the walk down to the hostel, it was not far, it felt different to walk with just two people in the usually busy environment in the middle of the night with the full-moon and night breeze. We saw a security man, he must have just assumed that we were part of the event because unlike security men in my school, he did not accost us.

We got to my hostel, it was 2:37 am, using the door was out of it because it would be locked till 5 am, going to knock was not even an option. my hostel was a three storey building and my room was on the third floor, I got my friends to follow me to the back of the hostel where the toilets and bathrooms were, we called it t-end. The windows at the t end were not like the normal almaco windows used in the rooms, they were the smaller push and pull sized window.

Some of the windows were open, my friends weren’t so pleased that I pulled them out of the show but then what are friends for? I even told them that they owed me for bringing them out of that chaos, afterall, they would have a romantic walk back to the hall. I couldn’t return to that hall, no way. I got my female friend to go closer to the t end with me, with her help I squeezed into the window and wriggled my way in, thanks to my small body-frame. I was so happy, I thanked them and I took the stairs, fortunately for me one of roommates was awake reading, her final exam was the following Monday. As soon as I knocked and she heard my voice, she opened, she was surprised to see me but that did not stop her from giving me a good laugh. I jejely (quietly) removed my dress,kicked off my shoes and entered my bed, thanking God for seeing me through, I slept off.

Consequentially, I was late to church the next morning and I had a fight of faith with sleep during the sermon.

That was just a confirmation for me that night parties and events are not my thing. Third year, I did not go, me ke , final year, even though my set was at the forefront of the organization, I did not go, I gave my support but kept my presence on my bed with my phone and a good WiFi connection.

End of story. Day or night events, which do you prefer? I certainly do not like nights.




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