Sophia Night I

Departmental and faculty nights are common in Nigerian universities. It is one of the many ways students get to catch fun, relieve school stress and sharpen their talents and skills. It is usually held annually across departments and faculties towards the end of the second semester.

I schooled in University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Enugu State and I studied Philosophy. I had no interest whatsoever in these social gatherings, I am not anti social but I’d rather be in the comfort of my bed watching a seasonal movie or reading a novel than go for a social night, maybe I would have had interest if they were day time and not all night gatherings.

First year, I was not even interested. Second year, second semester, exams were over, the Sophia (Philosophy) night was fast approaching, I was involved in the publicity, my friend was nominated for an award and another of my friend was contesting for Miss Sophia. I thought to myself, did I come to my own school separately? let me go and know how these things go, it wouldn’t hurt, my classmates and friends would be there.

It was on a Saturday night, after emptying my wardrobe in the quest of finding a suitable outfit with my friend, I settled for a sleeveless navy blue gown with a black wedge sandal, touched up my face with my usual make up that was always almost invincible and just before the porter locked the hostel by 10 pm,we left.

The venue was one of our lecture halls transformed with decorations and colored lights, it was really beautiful. The hall was full, and the music was very loud, I saw some of my classmates, we had to shout our greetings because of the noise. I sat close to the window, there seemed to be a constant commotion outside with the final year guys, some comedian guy was on the stage, either he wasn’t funny or the noise was louder than him because nobody was laughing, as for me, I didn’t hear because of the noise, the crowd jeered till he stepped down.

There was a fight too, I guessed it resulted from the commotion outside, one of the departmental executives in final year just walked up to the high table where the judges for the pageantry were seated and turned the table upside down, snatched the microphone from the MC and flung it, some other guys pushed him outside and that was when the real fight ensued. Some minutes later, they resolved the whole thing, the guy was even laughing, maybe it was all part of the show, I thought to myself.

The only thing I enjoyed was the pageantry, the female contestants first walked in white t-shirts and jean trousers, and then they danced, same with the guys. I found the male contestants hilarious, especially when they danced, to me, only one out of ten of them danced well. I love to watch dance, though I’m still an upcoming dancer that dances only in her head (lol). The contestants finished their presentations and the event became boring to me, the winners were to be crowned at the end of the show. I checked my phone, it was 1:48 am and half of the program had not even been done, I yawned and longed for my bed.

Dancing time, the music was deafening, every body seemed to be paired up and dancing, rocking was the trending dance, the girl would bend forwards, hands on knees, rubbing the guys groin with her buttocks, in some cases, the guy would hold the girls waist to intensify the rocking, some got hard too. I refused to dance with anybody, not just because I’m not a good dancer but because I didn’t want anybody to touch me anyhow. I sort of felt out of place, I was really thirsty, when I asked, there was no water, just beer and alcohol, I was tired too. Again I longed for my bed…


To be continued… same time… next week.


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