Good day my beloved.

So I’ve been in mummy’s shop for some time now and the story teller in me is just full of stories, the market is really an interesting place. Mummy’s shop is located in New Market Ngwa Road, Aba, Abia State. Aba is a highly commercial city known for it’s big markets such as Ariaria International Market, Cemetary/Eziukwu Market, Shopping Center and New Market.

These big markets have a magnetic force that attracts buyers from different parts of Nigeria. Most of the traders in Aba, especially those that deal in textile and fabrics  are direct importers, hence the steady flow of business. If you stay in Nigeria, you might have probably heard that things are cheap in Aba, well I would say it’s true, if you know where to buy from. Aba is also highy innovative, “made in Aba products” keep getting better and classier every day, the hustle is real in Aba😁

Different categories of people come to the market. We have;

  • The buyers.
  • The sellers (my group).
  • The window shoppers (🧐🤫me sometimes).
  • The thieves.

You see these last people, the thieves, they are very good at what they do, their expertise is on another level.

One Tuesday morning, a woman that came from Uyo, Akwa-Ibom State to buy goods was robbed by another woman. She had bought some yards of hard net from me, then proceeded to my neighbor to buy linens, a fine female thief came in the guise of a buyer and distracted her by asking her to help her check a material she wanted to buy. When it was time for the woman from Uyo to pay, lo and behold, her handbag was open and her #80,000 (220.92 USD) was gone, the other woman had by then disappeared into thin air. The theft happened when she was helping her access the material.

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On another occasion, a young man was crying, his wallet, phone and #120,000 (331.38 USD) was gone, he came from Onitsha in Anambra State.

Such thefts happen on almost a daily basis and visiting customers mostly fall victim.

People are wiser now though, most of our customers insist on paying through bank transfers, the women that come from the West(Yorubas) would wear shorts with pockets and tie a wrapper against it rather than carry a handbag, those that carry bags always keep it in front and not by the side, the men that come from the North(Hausas) wear trousers similar to NYSC khaki trousers pocket-wise with jalabiya on top. And we the sellers try to be vigilant, goods get stolen sometimes.

Pastor Anita Oyakhilome once said “MAKE THINGS DIFFICULT FOR A THIEF”.

The thieves get smarter too, the market is a jungle, it’s survival of the fittest. A buyer could buy goods, and then the goods develop wings and fly away. Someone could be asking you for directions to a nonexistent place while his colleague picks stuff off you. It seems they know how to detect who is carrying money. Some intentionally enter the market with fake currency and in the heat and busyness of the market, you, the seller might not notice immediately (you’d want to attend to as many buyers that come to your stand)

Little wonder it’s always jungle justice whenever a culprit is caught. Tyres, fuel and matches appear with speed and you know what happens next 🔥☹️.

I just want to say, when ever you’re in a busy market like the markets in Aba, hold your bag well and tune up your vigilance and be high on smartness. Make things difficult for a thief, don’t be an easy prey.

Have a great weekend…


  1. Wow.. That is a sad story – the woman who intended helping and got robbed.

    It’s the same in Lagos. One has to be very vigilant. Above all may God help us with the increase rate in theft etc. in the country. 🙏

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