As we grow older…

When I see people suffering, I’m concerned. When I see old people suffering, I’m troubled. All around us, we see old people living hard lives just to make ends meet. Most times when I am in the market, I see old men pushing heavily loaded wheel barrows, carrying loads that weigh as much as 100 kg on their backs, under the sun and in the rain, all for very little amount of money, sometimes as low as 100 Naira (0.28 USD). The question that always comes to my mind is ‘where are their families?‘, because I have the assumption that they are someone’s spouse, someone’s parent, someone’s sibling, someone’s grandparent, I know that life could be tough but they didn’t just drop from the skies, they must have come from somewhere, they have loved ones. This is just one of the many occasions where I’ve seen old people in dire situations. Not that I don’t appreciate hard work in old age, I know my country, we have the hustling spirit, most of us hustle from childhood to old age but it’s really not the best. Old people should be retired from work, especially work that involves a lot of physical and mental input, old age comes with a lot of stress already, adding to that stress is not the best. I respect governments that have plans for their aged ones, a nursing home is a wonderful idea though even if there was such in my country, it would be mostly empty because just like majority of my fellow Nigerians, I wouldn’t send my dad there😁,  what are children for?

Two things come to my mind when I see such:

  • The first one is that my parent’s well being in their old age is a top priority for me. This is because, it’s the joy of every true parent to see their child succeed. It’s a greater joy when the child recognizes, acknowledges and values the parents as they grow. From birth, our parents nurture us, however we grow and life happens and most times we move far away from our parents and build our own lives. (Where I come from, the grandparents mostly reside in the villages, one of the reasons why I love to visit my village apart from basking in the beauty of the natural environment is to see my grandmother). It is very possible and very wrong to get caught up with the hustle and bustle of life that we have less and less time for our parents, less calls, less visits, less attention. It is also very possible and very right to carry our parents along with our lives even from a distance, trust me, it only takes a willing heart, it is also dependent on the sort of relationship you have with them.
    Someday, I’m going to be someone’s mother and even become a grandmother 😊the thought of it makes me smile. I would love to have lots of grandchildren, one of reasons why I want to have at least four children. Oh how blessed they would be to have me in their lives. I won’t be an intrusive parent but I would want to be carried along in every step of their lives, I would love them to cherish me so I won’t have to beg for their attention.
    In essence what I’m saying is that, we ought to do unto our parents even much more than what we would want our children and grandchildren to do unto us.



  • The second thought that comes to me is that my well being in my old age is a top priority for me too. I know a saying that goes “as you make your bed, so you shall lie on it”. I also know another one that says “make haste while the sun shines”. Planning is essential for every young person, I love to relate with young people that have goals for their future. Yes, the Lord has predestined us for us for success, but it doesn’t mean that we should fold our hands and expect our lives to just happen, we ought to have a flight plan. I have a flight plan and toiling in old age is not part of the plan, I have long and short term goals written down, of course these goals are subject to change but still it helps to keep me guided.
    What I’m trying to say is, my well being in my old age is important to me, my present and future family, and the world at large, so now that I’m young, I’m working towards it already. It’s the reason why I speak positive words into my future, it’s the reason why I sow seeds of love and financial seeds, it’s the reason why I won’t stop to invest in myself, it’s the reason why I won’t stop reading and learning, it’s the reason why I serve God in my youth, it’s the reason why I have to learn how to eat healthy (lol…I’d give a testimony when I achieve this), it’s the reason why I should not be broke, it’s the reason why I just have to be a success and impact lives positively, it’s the reason I should not die untimely, I could go on and on with my reasons.
    Are my reasons bold😁, don’t blame me, I just a shy girl with a bold spirit.

I would be sharing some nuggets on maintaining relationships with parents and grandparents next week. The internet is full with how to maintain relationships with your partner, let’s do it for parents too. Stay tuned 😉, the second part of this post would come up Thursday next week by 5pm. Daughter of Zion is having a really busy month. See you on Sunday for “Sunday Nuggets” and do enjoy the rest of the week.


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