Reflections of a Grateful Heart 🤗

Good day my beloved! I hope you’re having a great week.

2019 was a bumpy ride for me and my hands won’t just rest till I share😁, you already know I love to share, it’s one of the reasons I’m here 😉.

A short summary of my 2019;

In March 2019, I passed out of NYSC (National Youth Service Corps;  A scheme set up by the government to involve Nigerian graduates in nation building and the development of the country) full of bright hopes. You should see my post- Umunna Bende to know the funny way my NYSC began.

By April I had my NYSC discharge certificate which most employers make a mandatory requirement for consideration.  Being fully equipped, I made lots of applications, sent my CV (curriculum vitae) to everyone who cared, got invited for interviews and even wrote exams, I traveled a lot in the process🛣️, I just wanted to get employed. Some of the applications were politely declined, most didn’t even get back to me (very annoying).
Then I fell in love💏, beautiful thing, and I ran out. (I’m sure I’d write about it someday)

giphy heartbreak
I almost fell into depression, terrible situation, but God helped me out (I don’t know how He did it, but I just know that He pulled me out🤸🙌).

I learnt forgiveness, practical forgiveness. Forgiveness is actually sweet, it has a way of freeing you✌️.

I also got scammed!🙆(Shame didn’t even allow me to tell anyone, I’m sharing it for the first time). Some people are not kind at all!

giphy scam
I was cashless (broke) like never before, Kai! This can slim a person down. never again🙅! Being broke is very unhealthy for a young woman.
Then mummy passed on, biggest shock of my life yet💔, I didn’t see it coming, it was a tough blow, I was at the verge of devastation, but then her death and the events that followed afterwards opened my eyes to life and taught me strength.
There were times I couldn’t even pray, but still my unsaid prayers were answered. (My God is a loving father😇)
Despite my composure, I was often confused and I worried a lot, I knew worry, but it taught me to cast my cares upon the Lord and just chill (worrying can’t help anyone).
Stress wanted to try me again, but then I said ‘No!’🤗😎.

All my seeming disappointments last year, most of which I can’t even mention, were in fact blessings in disguise, they were part of my growth process. (All things worked together for my good)

Then when I count my blessings, apart from the blessings resultant from the disappointments, it’s just too much.
I’m grateful for last year. I learnt a lot and grew a lot, I became a stronger person, not physically though💪, I can’t even fight😅, and I became a wiser girl too😊, don’t ask me how…

giphy happy

Feel free to share bits of your 2019 with me, I know it’s in the past now, but who knows? your experience might be an inspiration to someone.

Have a beautiful beautiful weekend, See you on Sunday.


  1. Wow. 2019 surely had it full!.
    How are you now and everyone since your mom’s…? My condolence dear. And His comfort is for you assuredly!.

    Smiles 2019 was a year of bashing for me. I got denials straight to my face, some I felt torn by, and I just kept sailing through it all. Looking back, I couldn’t have made it past at all. God came through. Even when most of it didn’t make any sense, He is still faithful still. It was a year of many twists and turns but grew!

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