Keke Ride with Dollar Guy

Few weeks back, I got into town very tired and entered a keke (tricycle motor) that would take me from the park to my house. Two passengers were already seated before I got in, a handsome young guy, and a woman I calculated to be in her late thirties. Some minutes later, Mr handsome dropped from the keke, paid with a dollar bill and walked away.
The Keke driver on realizing that he was paid in dollar stopped…

Driver: (with concern, exclaims) Chei! this guy paid with dollar o, big 💰, call him, call him.
(I get down and call the guy back).
Woman : Chai, it’s like he came from outside oh, Haba!
Driver : (to Mr handsome) Is this what you’ve been paying with?
Mr handsome: (looking confused and disorganized) yes, I’m Senegalese, I just came in, I…
Woman :(screams out) Ewo! they have been cheating you o, don’t you know anyone..
Mr handsome : no I don’t know anyone, I just came in for business, I just want to sell my goods…
Driver: I won’t cheat you, enter, where are you going to from here? I will help you.
(Mr handsome enters back, I’m now seated in between him and the woman)

Driver:(to me and the woman) please, let me just drop this guy off, I’d turn immediately I drop him and take you to your destination.

Woman: Hmmm, okay o.
Mr handsome : thank you very much sir. Are you Christian?
Driver: yes, I won’t cheat you, I want to help you.
Woman :Yes, I’m a Christian, let’s go.

(I’m still calculating if Senegal uses dollar and why he would come for business and not change currency. I just wanted him to be dropped off real quick so that the driver would reverse and I’d get home)

Mr handsome :(to driver, woman and me) Just help me, don’t allow anyone cheat me, let’s go and see my goods.
Mr handsome :(to the driver) I’ll give you laptop and dollars
Driver :(excited) thank you very much, I will help you.
Mr handsome :(to the woman) I’ll give you laptop and dollars.
Woman :(lits up) God bless you, we’d help you, driver speed up before the warehouse closes so he can get his goods (nudges me) Nne, let’s help him, this could be divine meeting.
Mr handsome :(faces me) sister I will give you laptop and dollar, I have Brazilian hair, it’s there at the warehouse, just help me. (I ignore him, I’m almost completely lost in thought 🤦woman nudges me, asking me to say yes )
Mr handsome : do you have an account.
Me : what for?
Mr handsome : I don’t have Nigerian account, I just need someone to put my money in his account and transfer to mine.
Me :(I’m dressed in NYSC uniform) I’m a corper as you can see, I only have nysc account and I can’t help you with it.
Driver: I have account my brother, any bank.
Woman :I have, I can give you, let me help you.
Mr handsome :(ignores them, faces me still) you mean you don’t have account, are you sure?
Me: (looking him in the eye, lovely eyes he had though) What do you mean? I said I don’t have! I can’t help you, look, this woman and the driver want to help you keep your money, they are willing. (woman nudges me and whispers to me to be polite to strangers)
Mr handsome :(looking very distraught and pathetic) okay, do you have android phone, I can give you phone.
Me: I have a phone, it’s android thank you.

Mr handsome : give me your number
Me: for what na.
Mr handsome :please, I just want you to help me…
Me: no, I can’t.
Woman : (to me) try to be nice to people, you don’t know who is who, you don’t know where help would come from tomorrow.
(at this point, we had gone far, not to my destination, but towards Mr Handsome’s destination, to help him. I knew I should alight from the keke but at same time it was as though there was a restriction, like I was in a lucid dream, there was this feeling of “you’re lost” seeping in, but at the same time, I was conscious of God’s protection)
Mr handsome : (Senegalese accent disappears) Driver!, driver!, stop this girl, drop her. (Driver is still moving, speeding) Driver I said stop, drop her let her get out!!! (now I’m glad, keke finally stops, Mr Handsome steps out, down I came and off they sped, with the woman raining abuses on me and calling me wicked. The moment I came out, relief, sense, gratitude hit me, at that moment I knew in my heart that God had just delivered me from wicked and unreasonable men, I just knew it, I felt that safety. To every other person that might have seen me, I looked like a normal passenger that just alighted from a keke, but they didn’t know what I really alighted from. I had to take two drops to return to the park and then take another drop home).

Mum said I should have alighted when the dollar discussion started, that a lot of people had been robbed and defrauded through that same technique. Now I know better, we learn everyday.

This is one of my many testimonies. Thank God with me 😄.

I still love keke rides though. Do you?


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