FireBurn Night

Today in history, 11th November 2007, a day I will never forget.

It happened 11years ago, I was an 11 years old JSS1 student when it happened. It was the second Sunday of the month, I remember because it was a visiting day and my mom was in school to see me, with a lot of goodies including cake because it was her birthday and my baby sister’s fifth birthday too šŸ˜.

In my secondary school, the classroom blocks are positioned in between the male and female hostels, a very lovely environment, 5 years after graduation and I can draw a map of my school.

Back to my story, after mummy left for home, I retired to my hostel to restock my cupboard, I didn’t really have friends then so I ate part of the spaghetti mom brought me and kept the remaining for night. One of the reasons we longed for visiting days was the ‘homemade food’, nothing beats it.

I went to an Adventist school so Sunday was our free day, I loved Sundays, less stress, less senior’s trouble. I skipped dinner that night, who visits the dinning hall on a visiting day? Going to my class on the junior block, I passed a group of seniors, as soon as I heard “hey you, yellow girl”, I fled and quickly mixed up with the crowd of junior students ahead of me. I really didn’t want to be sent on some irrelevant errands by a senior, I just wanted to get to class, eat my cake, make quiet noise in peace and get back to my spaghetti after prep. Thank God the seniors didn’t follow up on me, I would have been caught easily, thanks to my complexion šŸ˜.

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Now I’m seated in my class JSS1E, close to the window, I could view my hostel, Kindness house from there. The night was quiet and the prefect assigned to my class was seated outside the class, good for me, I could make my quiet noise with my classmates in peace. It was well past nine o’clock and prep would soon be over, o my spaghetti. And then I saw it…

Continued in FireBurn Night II.


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