I Have Feelings For Cake🙈

Recently, last week, I decided to explore making cupcakes for sale and supply at my level, I observed most shops in my area don’t sell cakes (a corper got to help herself).

Over the weekend, I made the first set( trial for comments and observations), took to church, CDS meeting , friends, neighbors, customers’ shops, my seniors in the cake thing, they all loved it and encouraged me, it was truly wonderful, I don’t always want to eat my cake but I just couldn’t stop myself this time, the cupcakes were yummy.

Wow, I’m encouraged and excited and I’m to make take the first set of cupcakes for sale today, this morning. So I put in more money and I spend most of last night baking and singing…………
And then something went wrong, the cakes didn’t turn out well, it didn’t look like my cakes at all, it didn’t look like something I made, it was actually the first time I’d bake and I’m truly unhappy with the outcome…what could have gone wrong.
So, my heart fell and I went to my mirror and cried and cried and turned red. One voice from self pity department came to encourage my tears, to tell me that I failed that this cake thing is not for me, then I stopped crying o, me fail? Not me, the cakes were just doing themselves not me.
I used my pillowcase to wipe my eyes, jejely packed and arranged the cakes well and went to sleep (they are edible and sweet o, but I cannot sell it and spoil my market, at least I’ll not buy bread this week, I and my neighbors and my visitors will eat it like that)
Anyway, practice makes perfect, I’ve discovered my mistake and I’ve learnt and I’m bouncing right back.
I’m still very much in love with cakes.End of story.

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