Camp Crush II

I saw him again before we left camp in April. I remember that day so vividly, I wished I could spend the whole day till departure time with him. For him, all ego was forgone. I remember looking for him in the crowd of khakis and NYSC caps, how my heart beat sped up when he was found in the multi purpose hall. We sat side by side, he slept, we all had a very short night, he slept but I was content just sitting by him.

We went to mami market together, I felt a kind of silly pride walking with him, like I walked with a prince. He ate rice and beans, I had jollof, my meat was hardly understandable, he shared his with me. I wanted the time to crawl and just stop, I didn’t want to leave, even when the long awaited governor’s representative came and we had to move to our different platoons for the closing ceremony.

All through the ceremony, I guiltily wished his redeployment would go wrong, so he wouldn’t have to go so far, I wished we would be posted to the same local government. Though I was happy for him when his redeployment came through, my heart fell that he was going so far away…

The last I saw him, the white bus he was in sped past mine, we waved and smiled, I wished his driver could slow down or my driver could speed up, so that I could see him again, I wondered if we would ever see again.


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