Camp Crush I

April 2018, NYSC Permanent Orientation Camp, Umunna Bende LGA, Abia State. OBS building. Sitting atop damaged speaker, dressed in white on white.

It was a starless breezy night,  I had one of those feelings they call mood swings, and I was still very unhappy with my posting to Abia state, you want to know why, check my previous post “Umunna Bende “.

 I was still adjusting to camp life with varieties of young and even old people from all over the country and a strictly regimented period, the state coordinator meant it when she said “here, you don’t own yourself, we tell you what to do and when to do, including when to sleep and when to wake up “, I was not flowing the camp rhythm at all.

I didn’t just want to speak to anyone that night, I put out my phone just so that I  wouldn’t look as idle as I really was, and also to look busy and discourage any chyking, I had had enough for the day already.

He was seated on the same speaker I sat on, also busy with his phone I guessed, because network worked best around OBS.
“you that you don’t have friends, always on your own “… I looked up, and that was it, the beginning of my crush and  the friendship…

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